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Fereira Awning and Sunscreen Company, Inc. is an affordable Roseville awning company that offers a variety of excellent awnings for your decks and patios. Call us today to see how we can help. We serve the Roseville and Sacramento areas.

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Your Roseville Awning Company.

Your Roseville Awning Company has awnings for commercial or residential uses. Outdoor awnings are available for many applications and are becoming more popular each year. Retractable awnings are replacing the stationary porch awning or patio awning for the homeowner. Restaurants and other businesses use outdoor awnings imprinted with their logo to shield their patrons from inclement weather at an entrance. This is also a great advertising method for those just passing by. Whatever your particular needs the Roseville Awning Company will be able to help. They will provide you with outdoor awnings that will enhance the appeal of a building whether home or business.

The Roseville Awning Company professionals know their business. Once you’ve given them a call they will come to your residence or establishment to discuss exactly what you are looking for in awnings. It doesn’t matter the size of the job, big or small, your Roseville Awning Company can handle it. They may bring sample fabrics and even show you some examples of retractable awnings to choose from as another option for you. When you have chosen the style of your outdoor awnings the Roseville Awning Company will come to get the exact dimensions of the job. They will be calculating the correct projection for every awning to function at its best.

Your Roseville Awning Company at Home

Awnings from the Roseville Awning Company are not only for added trim of course. Outdoor awnings or the patio awning can provide a pleasant atmosphere. Outdoor meals or entertaining can be pretty miserable without some form of protection. While shielding you, your family and guests from direct sunlight or rain, the patio awning provides a cool, dry atmosphere for your gathering. The patio awning or porch awning also adds to the living space of your home. By adding outdoor awnings to your house you have in essence added more living space to your home. This area can now be furnished in style while being protected from the weather.

The outdoor awnings from the Roseville Awning Company not only provide protection outside but inside your home too. Awnings at your windows shield the sun from fading and discoloring furnishings, window treatments and carpets. They also provide for savings on cooling costs in warm weather. Outdoor awnings from the Roseville Awning Company can potentially reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 25%. It’s a proactive step in saving energy and money to use outdoor awnings. You will also find that window washing can be less frequent since outdoor awnings protect the windows from rain splash, snow or sleet.

If you are in need of a large patio awning you might want to ask your Roseville Awning Company about retractable awnings. These awnings come in a huge selection of colors. The retractable awnings from the Roseville Awning Company come in durable, colorfast fabrics and have powerful, dependable motors and controls. Retractable awnings are operated by sun and wind sensors, timers, wall mounted switches or remote controls. These features make it so easy to control the amount of coverage you want your patio awning to give. Your Roseville Awning Company has thought of everything. If a power outage should occur, a hand crank will be included with your awning.

Another style of outdoor awnings available at your Roseville Awning Company is the vertical drop down awning. This is also a type of retractable awning. This awning can totally cover a window or outside opening much like a roman shade. This provides even more protection from weather and can create outdoor ‘walls’. These can also be operated by remote control or with a hand crank. The components used by your Roseville Awning Company are the best available and they will stand behind their products. Of course you will get their guarantee on whatever style outdoor awnings you select. Their expert installation of your outdoor awnings can be relied upon.

Although retractable awnings are becoming increasingly popular, the Roseville Awning Company finds that the stationary outdoor awnings are still fashionable and well liked by home owners. They will take precise measurements and consider the design and appearance of your home. If you have any question about the color or design that you’ll be adding onto your home, just ask the specialists at your Roseville Awning Company. They have an eye for exterior design and décor and will know what looks attractive. After you have selected the style you like they will install these stationary awnings over windows and doors to exact specifications.

Your awnings will be safe, sturdy and durable. At your Roseville Awning Company you’ll find all of their outdoor awnings available in many colors that will add beauty and sophistication to your home. All the outdoor awnings from your Roseville Awning Company come in a variety of fabrics. Materials on hand are acrylic, PVC mesh, and vinyl coated. The PVC mesh protects you from the glaring sun and heat while allowing you to enjoy the view. Water proof, color retentive, mold and mildew resistant, all of the outdoor awnings from the Roseville Awning Company will add beauty, dimension and design to your home’s exterior. They also add value to your home.

Awnings to Improve Business from the Roseville Awning Company

Businesses have been using outdoor awnings to draw consumers. As they add structural appeal to a building’s exterior, they invite the customer to come inside. Protecting an entrance from direct sunlight, heat or chilly wind, outdoor awnings are a wise investment for any store front owner. Extended awnings that cover a walkway show your customer that that their comfort is your concern. This is also going to save you in winter weather as the walk is protected from snow and ice. As a restaurant owner, retractable awnings covering your frontage or on the rear of your building will create a beautiful outdoor setting for dining.

You can add your emblem in your plan to advertise your business as well. Your Roseville Awning Company will take time with you to come up with the graphic design and placement of it to best attract customers. Outdoor awnings will provide the same characteristics to the homeowner and business owner alike. Awnings keep glare from coming in windows, decrease air conditioning costs and protect the interior of your building and its contents from discoloration and fading. Allowing your Roseville Awning Company to provide shade and covering from rain and other elements for your customers is just good business.


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